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100pcs 3V Vibrator Motor 4*8mm Mini DC motor 4 x 8mm Vibration Pager For robotics toys Bristlebot DIY School science experiment


100pcs Vibrating Pager Motors Mini DC motor 5x6mm Vibration Pager micro motor with contacts Spring pins for bristlebot VIBROBOT

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They operate on 1.5 to 3 volts … They are useful in many electronic
projects such as Bristlebots, Brushbots, remote control aircraft, robot beam projects,
miniature trains, Radio control remote, Camera, Toothbrush, Electric Shaver, Mobile devices, etc ….
Rated voltage 1.5 V DC
Direction of Rotation: Clockwise or Counter Clockwise
Motor Posture: All Positions
Operating Voltage: 1.5 ~ 3V DC


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